Voices heard above a crowded room

My voice has never been one to stand out from the crowd. I have never tried to be the centre of attention or to make my mark in a BIG BIG way. But with this blog that is all set to change. My voice and my opinions are louder than a lion’s roar. As Katy Perry’s song goes ‘And you’re gonna hear me roar’. No doubt in my mind that I will speak up and shout out. There is no way I am holding back anymore. Life is too short to be lived in fear or anxiety of what others think of you and your life choices.

I have never quite fit in and I still don’t want to because I am at a point in my life where I am young and the possibilities are endless. I don’t want to confine myself to being who people expect. I am traditional, creative, weird, quiet, funny, outgoing, silly, unique, Christian, daughter, girlfriend and so much more. There is no ONE thing that defines us. There is nothing that can break us if we don’t let it. I refuse to believe in letting pain, bullies, cowards and evil win. I refuse to be placed in a box that says “Christian – can’t tell them nothing and they are all judgemental, bible bashing freaks who don’t have sex or even have sexual thoughts”. WE ARE WHO WE CHOOSE TO BE. We do not have to be traditional people in any sense. I am a Christian and am for gay marriage. I believe God wants us to be all about love, peace, equality and doing what is right for US. What is right for one person isn’t necessarily right in another way.



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